The Association Of Chartered Accountants Of Nepal


The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal


The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN) was established in 2034 with a non-profit objective. ACAN believes in promoting knowledge and creating awareness of the changes taking place in the economy by organizing workshops, seminars and talk programs of professional interest to help the professionals and members of this association to be competitive in the business arena. ACAN aims at developing, promoting, protecting the accounting profession, making its members united, and protecting their interest.

Mission & Vision



To promote highest accounting, auditing and ethical standards in the country and to assist in capacity building of members and accounting professionals.



  • To support ICAN and Nepal Government for formulating the Accounting and Auditing Standards
  • To work for the globalization of accounting concepts and information by discussing them in various forum of members.
  • To organize workshops, conferences and seminars in Nepal through which accounting knowledge can be disseminated.
  • To represent in matters related to accounting profession in the country
  • To be committed to protect our profession
  • To establish social reputation of profession by serving communities through various committee of ACAN
  • To maximize value for all members and stakeholders

Strategic Goals of Association

  • Partner in nation building by liaisoning and coordinating with Central, Province and local government
  • Institutional strengthening of ACAN by establishing a well-equipped and resourceful ACAN office)
  • Develop and strengthen workforce competency by strengthening Secretariat office of ACAN with right people in right roles
  • Professional development of members through various leadership and professional training to uplift the professional development of members


Organization Chart of The Association of Chartered
Accountants of Nepal